Team Members


CCI is committed to employing only seasoned professional staff.



CCI believes that the combined backgrounds of its principals and staff represent extensive and unparalleled experience in dealing with federal regulators and regulations, and practical insight into the government’s expectations with respect to effective compliance programs.



Stephen Spargo

Stephen Spargo is a former finance executive for a number of healthcare organizations and as a former consultant for a national accounting firm has served as CCI’s President and CEO since its inception in 1997.

He is responsible for directing and managing the majority of CCI’s hospital and health system engagements.

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Patrick Marion

Patrick Marion spent over 23 years with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General.

His knowledge of government investigations and compliance settlements is the most comprehensive in the compliance and healthcare fields and his experience lends an un-matched perspective to any engagement.

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Lyn Chew

Lyn Chew has extensive experience and expertise in physician and long -term care reviews and specializes in the provision of compliance training and education, and the performance of billing, coding and documentation reviews.

She holds a number of professional licenses and certifications including a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNCC).

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It should also be noted that our professional staff members are mature healthcare professionals with extensive, practical, hands-on experience. 

Marcia R. Caliendo, CPC

Teresa Dalton, RN, MBA, CPC

William G. Kristan, MD, FACEP

Henri-Alexandre N. Lauer, CPC, CHC, ROCC, RAC-CT

Valerie A. Mellon, M.ED., CPC, COC, CAC, RAC-CT

Donna D. Wilson, RHIA, CCS, CCDS, CICA

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